Are all your products designed and made in Australia?

Yes. We design and construct all of our products in our Brisbane studio.  We endeavour to source all our materials locally. Many hours and much love has been put into the making of these garments to deliver you a piece that is unique.

Does Maker & Merchant wholesale?

We are very happy to offer wholesale. Please email imelda@makerandmerchant.com.au with some information on the profile of your shop and we will send you all wholesale information.

Do you use ecofriendly materials?

We are committed to limiting our impact on our beautiful planet.  We proudly support local production for our materials as much as possible. All our garments are created from natural materials such as cotton and linen.

Can I order custom products?

As the majority of our products and accessories are made by us in our Brisbane studio we are happy to offer custom pieces.
Please contact us by email to request a custom item.

How should I care for my cushion or quilt?

We hope that you treat your hand-drawn quilts and cushions with the same love and care with which they were created. Although the ink manufacturer (Setaskrib+) states that the colours are resistant to a 40 degrees machine wash – gentle detergent and no bleach. To ensure your item retains its best appearance for as long as possible, we recommend cold hand wash and line dry out of direct sunlight  or to be super sure, dry clean only and everyone’s happy!

Should I use ‘oxi -action’ stain removing detergent products?

No. The use of oxi-action products, contained in some detergents, will significantly reduce the life of the any printed design. To retain a vibrant print for as long possible, be sure to use detergents which do not contain oxi-action bleaching agents.