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A Maker & Merchant autumn, Brisbane in blue and orange

This is one of my favourite seasons to be in home in Brisbane. Those cool quiet nights, edging towards scarf weather and the glorious sunny days of big blue skies. At Maker & Merchant HQ we love starting work with a coffee and a sunny corner, planning the day as we watch the dew evaporate from the lawn.

Blue skies of Brisbane

Blue skies of Brisbane

As the afternoon spectacular turns to dusk I like to make what we call CC’s Super Pumpkin Soup.

CC's Super Pumpkin Soup

Ingredients for Pumpkin Soup

Cut up one Queensland Blue Pumpkin to roast leaving the skin on. Coat pumpkin pieces in olive oil, a touch of smoked paprika, season with sea & pepper, and add final grate of nutmeg.  Break up a head of lovely Australian garlic and distribute through oil on the tray. We also roast a couple of red chillies whole.  Place in the oven at 180 for about 45 minutes, until very soft.

Ready to roast

Pumpkin ready to roast

Remove from the oven and let it cool slightly on the tray.

In a large soup pot peel the pumpkin pieces away from the skin and put the flesh in the pot. Squeeze the sweet centre out of the roasted garlic and add to the pot. You can also add the red chillies. You can slice them finely as is or remove the seeds for less heat.

In a separate pot warm up some chicken stock, you can use vegetable as well.  You’ll need about 1-2 cups depending on the pumpkin.

Once the stock is warm, puree the pumpkin with a stick blender, add in one can of coconut cream or milk and continue to blend.  Now add the stock gradually continuing to blend until you reach a consistency you like.  At this point you can bring the heat up on the pot to a simmer.  You’ll need to taste the soup, sometimes the pumpkin and garlic are very sweet and I like to temper this with a splash of fish sauce.

I serve this with fresh sour dough.

Pumpkin soup ready to eat. Yum!

Pumpkin soup ready to eat. Yum!

Evenings are perfect for feasting on this simple soup and wrapping yourself in a lovely quilt and surrounded by wool, leather and metallic cushions, reading some epic novel, a glossy magazine or delving through Pinterest.

Maker & Merchant wool, leather and metallic cushions

Maker & Merchant wool, leather and metallic cushions