The story behind our Caravan Collection

Emu Park and vintage curtains

Emu Park and vintage curtains

The idea behind the Maker & Merchant Caravan Collection of pillow cases is one of school holidays, relaxed and full of pattern.  This collection is made from fabrics we have sourced – rather than designed in house. We love deigning and using our own fabrics, but there is a simple joy in creating usable items from found patterns. The accidental discovery of old patterns and forgotten times, and new patterns reminding us that useful and beautiful is a great combination.

Beach days, vintage sheets and Blue daisy

Beach days, vintage sheets and Blue daisy pillowcases

As children we used to go on holidays to Burleigh Heads or up north to Emu Park.  One thing that stuck in my mind from these sweet times was the completely, haphazard, yet beautiful fabric patterns we encountered.  The spaces were often furnished with a delightful mix of well used furniture upholstered in large mismatched prints.  We ate at tables set with old table cloths and random napkins and dried our dishes with out of date calendar tea towels.  At night we were bundled into beds, cots and pull out sofas with a soft assortment of worn sheets and pillowslips in florals, stripes and checks.

Sheets and Keppel Island

Sheets and Keppel Island, Capricorn Coast Queensland

We can never go back to those simple times, but we can remember the best bits and celebrate those be re-imagining and reusing the aesthetic of past times.

Peachy Spring pillowcase

Peachy Spring pillowcase, vase by Elke Lucas



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