New colours for 2018 | our inspiration

So six years after we began in 2012 we’ve decided to update our colours for 2018.  We’ve chosen hues we find ourselves using more and more in our designs, soft pink, grey and tan. We take our inspiration from lots of places, the spaces around us, the landscape and from Pinterest and Instagram.

We like pink to be a warm earthy pink, a cross between ballet slipper pink and undercoat.  Think the soft pink of a kitten’s nose or a summer sunset.

Our pink inspiration, ballet slippers, under-coat, a kitten’s nose, summer sunset and blush.

The tan we’re fond of is inspired by my furry little muse Bunny, the Cavalier.  It’s a warm red brown of the outback, and autumn leaves, of timber and red clay bricks.

Tan inspiration

Australian outback, autumn leave, timber, a cavalier ear and clay bricks.

The grey has been a standard colour for us since our very first product back in 2012, it’s a rainy sky, and sun bleached timber and a stormy sea.  It’s the beautiful hue of grey hair and a warm grey jumper all rolled up into a lovely mid-grey tone.


Our grey inspiration, a soft grey jumper, a handsome silver beard, sun bleached wood, a stormy sky over the sea and a soft bunny’s ear.

We’ve started using more of these colours in our designs, as well as for our new brand colours, so you can expect plenty more to come.


our block prints from Bagru, our colour palette, and some felt cushions from our summer range.

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