Maker & Merchant and The Scandinavian Baker – Hooray! 1st Birthday cheers all around

The Maker & Merchant team has been celebrating our one year milestone with our good friend, The Scandinavian Baker who’s been hard at work baking a Poppy Seed Celebration Cake and mixing us some Pomegranate and Basil Fizz, delightful!

Pomegranate and Basil Fizz

Pomegranate and Basil Fizz as mixed by the Scandinavian Baker

For these and more fabulous recipes, including our favourite Independent Pancake celebrating Independence Day in Finland, check out his wonderful blog.

While we are hard at work creating our new Maker & Merchant range for this summer, we are taking inspiration from all around our lovely city of Brisbane. On a recent visit to one of our favourite places, the Flower Markets we spied so many beautiful colours and combinations of hues we had to include at least a few in summer 2014/2015.

These gorgeous natives with their pale creamy yellow and darkest purple fringe, or the washed out purple with bright lime green are captivating.

Pale yellow and darkest purple

Native flora

We were smitten with the chalky pastels of old roses and the fabulous yellows of the jonquils and tulips.


Old roses in yellow and pinks

The soft violet of the banksia with the faded peach and sage green, you could not help but be inspired by all this.


The lovely Banksia

So for our second summer range,  expect plenty of colours from beautiful flowers, particularly our native flora.


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