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Maker & Merchant getting bigger and better – our dream studio is getting close to reality!!

A few months have passed since the renovation began in January and the studio space is taking shape. The new Maker & Merchant studio will include a purpose built sewing machine station, and space for all of our fabrics, cushion inserts, trims, inks and paints. We’ll have a custom designed cutting table, meeting table and dedicated printing space on the deck.

Maker and Merchant studio sketch with building works

Studio sketch & building works

The studio is at the far end of the garden looking over the house to Mt Cootha, very Brisbane.

Maker & Merchant studio plan with current building works

Maker & Merchant studio plan with current building works

We are dreaming of space!! Previously we worked almost entirely on our deck and used 2 bedrooms for storage – the entire house was taken over with Maker & Merchant stock and supplies.  It will be a relief to finally have some separation between our studio life and home.

Most of the time we were working in organised chaos each time it looked like rain, the tarpaulins were unfolded and the entire studio was cocooned until the weather was fine again.  Lucky we live in the Sunshine State!

Most of the tile shopping is done, including some lovely encaustic tile from Jantana Interiors  Flores, and we are looking forward to seeing some lovely tiles in the studio bathroom very soon.

Finishes tile and stone

Finishes tile and stone

Tap ware and lights are finalised for the studio– and we’re keen to move in and use the space.

The re-modelling of the house in taking longer, with most of the demolition done and the walls taken back to studs – now the building begins.

Demolition finished

Demolition finished

We’ve had many discussions about space, finishes and even dog doors, which are continuing and at this halfway point it’s starting to get a bit exciting!

Maker & Merchant Renovation – Part 1

So 2016 is going to be a super year for Maker & Merchant, we’re finally going to have a studio with walls!

Yes a large scale renovation is happening at, what our family calls, Twintel (Part home – part hotel)

This year we’re all about the design, building and decoration of the new studio; 16 X 5 metres of new creative space with and additional outside deck area, so we remember where we started.


The builders will be on site this month, we spent the best part of last year working with the Architect making sure every square foot worked.

The studio is only part of the build, we are renovating most of the old 1930’s timber house, only keeping the original spaces left after a 1980’s reno, by previous owners, and the front façade.

We’ve started the exhausting job of choosing finishes and colours. Giving us a chance to think about more that fabric! More to come about our choices.

Here are some before photos. Firstly the garden, and I’m hoping we still end up with plenty of green space for the pups.

pre reno 5

All the pokey hallways and dark trim will be totally changing.  we’re opting for open spaces and light and white this time.

pre reno 2

We have got so used to the small, and smaller bathrooms – it’s going to be such a luxury using both arms instead of twirling around the small space like a mad Irish dancer!

pre reno 3

The lounge will turn into a quiet guest room – with reclaimed glass doors to define the space – and lacking the current ambiance, cupboards full of cushion inserts ready to assault unsuspecting visitors.

pre reno 5

And finally the office will be transformed into a casual cocktail space with access to the front deck. Perfect for casual summer dining!

pre reno 6